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Outpatient care in Germany has a very high reputation. This is demonstrated, for example, by the fact that many people can imagine choosing a doctor from the Yellow Pages.

We believe the reason that many people nevertheless complain about problems in medical care is due not so much to the care itself, the actual  transaction between doctor and patient, but to the organisational context.

  • Making appointments is difficult because doctors or practices are hard to reach. This is particularly true for very popular practices.
  • It almost impossible to guarantee that doctors consult with each other intensively even when they treat the same patient with the same disease. Documentation is only kept in the individual practice; regular communication is not envisaged.
  • Appointments coordinated between different doctors on the same day are basically unheard of.

These three examples illustrate the organisational problems. goMedus was established to resolve these problems and to improve health and medical care overall, step by step. On the basis of mutual arrangement and agreement between goMedus and the individual specialist practices, specialists working in their own practices continue to provide the medical care. This does not impact on the therapeutic freedom of the individual physicians.

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