Medical assistants

Always have a sympathetic ear for your questions

Service-oriented with a sympathetic ear for our patients’ questions the professionally trained and experienced team of medical assistants coordinates the wide range of activities in the individual practices. This is how we satisfy the high quality requirements of all our physicians as well as the expectations of our patients. They make sure that you have a pleasant stay in the goMedus Health Centre by providing a high level of personal attention to your needs.

A helpful and highly qualified team of medical assistants listens to your needs and fulfils your requests as well as providing more detailed information and organising your appointments.:



Didem Acik (medical assistant)

Sofie Würsig (medical assistant)

Dennis Limberger (medical assistant)

Juliane Rericha (medical assistant)

Fadia Itani (medical assistant)

Sandra Lasserre (medical assistant)

Inga Tews (medical assistant)

Tanja Zenteno Montano (medical assistant)

Jessica Franke (medical assistant)

Lisa Wickert (reception)

Hanna Oerterer (reception)

Michaela Woeste (medical assistant)

Info-Hotline030 322 92 33 22
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